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We offer the following products.

Ferrous Scrap

Non Ferrous Scrap

Quality :

We have a team of qualified and trained quality inspectors who always inspect every container that is being shipped to our customers. The in-house inspection ensures that, only the best quality is supplied to our customers, as per the customer requirement and specifications.

 Ferrous Scrap

Shredded Scrap: ISRI 211

Shredded Scrap consists of homogeneous iron and steel scrap magnetically separated, originating from automobiles, unprepared No.1 and No.2 steel, miscellaneous baling and sheet scrap.

image1 image1 image1  
     Shredded Scrap        Shredded Scrap        Shredded Scrap  

Heavy Melting Steel Scrap (HMS) - ISRI 200 to 206

HMS consists of wrought iron and steel scrap, black and galvanized, with over 1/2 inch in thickness. May include properly prepared material from dismantled vehicles including light vehicle wheels, but must exclude vehicle body arising and also domestic appliances.

image1 image1 image1
                 HMS                 HMS                 HMS

Steel Turnings - ISRI 219 & 221

Steel Turnings consists of machine swarf or shavings and chips that are the bi-product of the ferrous component manufacturing processes. It is clean short steel or wrought iron turnings, drillings, or screw cuttings and may include any such material whether resulting from crushing, raking, or other processes.

image1 image1 image1
            Steel Turnings         Steel Turnings        Steel Turnings

Cast iron - ISRI 252 and 257

It includes all grades of Cast Iron such as columns, pipes, plates and casting of a miscellaneous nature including automobile blocks and cast iron parts of agricultural and other machinery except burnt iron.

image1 image1 image1
           Cast Iron        Cast Iron       Cast Iron

Plate and structural steel (PNS) - ISRI 231 and 232

Cut structural and plate scrap not more than 5 feet in size.Clean open hearth steel plates, structural shapes, crop ends, shearings or broken steel tires.

image1 image1 image1
                 PNS                  PNS                  PNS


Standard section tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard or heavier. Its suitable for rerolling into bars and shapes. We offer the rails in required length as per customer specification.

image1 image1 image1
             Rail              Rail              Rail

Steel can bundles

Steel can scrap compressed to charging box size of 300mm x 300mm to 600mm x 600mm. A bale should normally be free of impurities, food cans, paint tins, beverage cans etc.

image1 image1  
       Steel can bundles      Steel can bundles  

LMS Bundles

Old black and galvanized steel sheet scrap, hydraulically compressed to charging box size and weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. May not include tin or lead-coated material or vitreous enameled material.

image1 image1 image1
             LMS Bundles          LMS Bundles          LMS Bundles

End Cut Steel

It consists of bar crops, plate scrap, forgings, bits, jars, and tool joints

image1 image1 image1
             End Cut Steel          End Cut Steel         End Cut Steel

Rerolling Scrap

Mild steel cutting consisting of Plates, billets cuts, blooms cuts, or structural steel suitable for rerolling into bars and shapes

image1 image1 image1
             Rerolling Scrap       Rerolling Scrap        Rerolling Scrap

Wheels and Axels

It consists of wheels and axles from railways.

image1 image1 image1
          Wheels and Axels      Wheels and Axels      Wheels and Axels

 Non Ferrous Scrap

Tense and Shredded aluminium Casting

Aluminum tense consists of clean aluminium castings which may contain automobile castings. The material may also consist auto parts, radiators and other soft material.

image1 image1 image1
          Aluminium Tense        Aluminium Tense       Aluminium Tense


Aluminium TT consists of clean, old alloy aluminium sheet of two or more alloys, free from oil, venetian blinds, castings, screen wire, food or beverage containers, radiator shells, aeroplane sheet, bottle caps, plastic, dirt and other non-metallic’s Oil and grease not to total more than 1%

image1 image1 image1
            Aluminium TT        Aluminium TT      Aluminium TT


Aluminium turnings consist of clean, uncorroded aluminum turnings of two or more alloys free from iron, oil, moisture and all other non-metallic items. This is also available in briquettes as shown in pictures.

image1 image1 image1
   Aluminium Turning / Telic Aluminium Turning / Telic Aluminium Turning / Telic

Aluminium Wheels

This consists of clean, single-piece, unplated aluminum wheels from Automobiles

image1 image1  
         Aluminium Wheels      Aluminium Wheels  

ZORBA - SHREDDED Aluminum Scrap

It consists of a combination predominantly Aluminum scrap along with some percentage of copper, stainless steel, nickel, iron, tin, and zinc, in elemental or alloyed (solid) form. The percentage of each metal within the nonferrous concentrate shall be subject to agreement prior to order finalization.

image1 image1 image1
                 Zorba                  Zorba                  Zorba

Why OM Synergies?
At OM Synergies, we build long term relationships based on trust and understanding. We do business with responsibility and promise integrity in our deals.

Our customers, who come from different countries and diverse backgrounds are always happy upon doing business with us!
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